Key Steps to Restart your Career after a Long Career Break

Key Steps to Restart your Career after a Long Career Break

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Are you thinking of restarting a career after a long break? Whether it is a return from maternity leave, traveling around the world, or failure in developing your own business/further studies, there are steps to take in order to jumpstart your career.

Preparing a Resume and Cover Letter

  • For any job search, a resume and cover letter play a key role. Before you customize your resume, however, keep in mind that recruiters usually review a resume in thirty seconds.
  • Your resume needs to be picture-perfect in order to grab a recruiter’s attention. Read which resume gets read by recruiters for some valuable tips.
  • By following these guidelines, you can prepare a most effective resume. Also, a cover letter should be written based on what the job requires. Use this article to help you to write a cover letter.

Use a Professional Network

  • Whenever you are thinking about restarting your career, get in touch with a professional network.
  • Some members in your professional network may work as recruiters or be part of HR for a big firm. Make sure to contact each person for leads.
  • Share your resume with your network and ask for suggestions in resume making or interview preparation. They more likely represent trends in the job market.

Create an Opportunities List

  • In career restarting, you may have asked yourself: Where do I start? What do I start? Do I continue with my former job?
  • Once you have a clear picture about your job search, find opportunities based on your requirements.
  • Consider the types of jobs you are looking for. Do you want full time? Part-time? Flexible hours? Alternatively, do you want to be a freelancer? Make a clear note of what you want, then start your search.

Be Active on Networking Sites

  • Be active on professional networking sites like LinkedIn.
  • Recruiters directly connect with job seekers, and then interact and discuss the job roles in the company. On these networking sites, employers share job information as well as know that the job seekers’ interests have occurred mutually.
  • Learn more about the networking sites and update your profile to increase visibility and improve your chances to be seen by recruiters and hiring managers.

Post Resumes on Job Boards

  • Nowadays applying for similar jobs in different companies with one resume is a common thing. Prepare a particular best-selling skillset resume, then post on Job boards.
  • With this resume upload, you can get more career opportunities than the traditional method (individual finding & applying).
  • By simple resume posting, recruiters can find your resume and then contact you directly without you applying for a job. This can be more advantageous in restarting a career after a long career break.

Interview Preparation

  • Restart a career with an experienced level or entry level position. Once you list out the jobs that you have applied previously to, prepare for the interviews. Research the company and look at their selection process.
  • This might take a long time, but it is a necessary first step. Even if you have the best references, you most likely will have an interview round for a job. Read the Amazon selection process, to give you a clearer understanding.


  • This is the final step in your fresh restart. You have completed the interview phase and have been selected for your dream company.
  • Negotiations are the crucial point in everyone’s job. Sometimes you say, “Yes,” and sometimes you say, “No.” However, the negotiation is unique for every individual.
  • So, evaluate the job skills, prospects, and company profiles, and then accept the job offer. Improve your negotiation skills to get the best placement in your new career.

Are you a mom who wants to start a career without any disturbances? Read the Best jobs for new moms.

If you follow these key steps, you will soon be on your way to restart your career.



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Key Steps to Restart your Career after a Long Career Break

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