The Best Strategies for Being an Eloquent Speaker

The Best Strategies for Being an Eloquent Speaker

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Almost anyone can become an eloquent speaker. If you know a lot about a particular subject and you are prepared to speak about it, the words will comes easily. Once you understand that no one in your audience expects you to be perfect, your confidence will build naturally over time. You are then on the road to becoming an excellent orator!

Be Positive

It is natural to be nervous before and during a presentation, but you can learn techniques in which your audience will not notice. Keep in mind most audiences are on your side; they are rooting for you. Be positive and consider them as friends and you will receive the same consideration from them.

Practice your presentation in front of a mirror, small groups of friends, and if possible in a dry run setting in front of a microphone. The more practice you have, the less intimidating the presentation will be. Be yourself, be positive, and speak well!

Show Not Tell

People like anecdotes and stories. Find a relevant one to begin your presentation. It is a good way to get them listening to you and build a personal connection. It will also help them remember your core message.

Build a Connection

A good speech lasts about fifteen minutes. After this, you need to take the time for a little question and answer session. If your audience was interested, you are sure to get some lively questions.
Try not to memorize your speech, but instead speak like you are talking to a group of friends not like you are reading from a script. And more than anything, be clear and simple.

Be Aware of Your Appearance:

This not only includes your attire but your body language. Dress appropriately for the occasion, walk with your shoulders back and start with a smile. This creates a friendly impression for the audience.
Become Familiar with the Environment:
If you are able to, go to the location of the speech beforehand. See if you can even practice your speech here a few times so you can get used to things. The more familiar you are, the less scary things will, and your confidence will shine through.

Body language:

Many people give speeches behind podiums. This is boring. Get out and walk around. Use your body language and make eye contact with people. This makes your audience more engaged with what you have to say, and they will implicitly trust you more.

Develop a Powerful Voice:

Be able to command attention. This isn’t through volume but clarity. Watch YouTube videos of famous orators and listen to how they talk and try to find your own style.

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The Best Strategies for Being an Eloquent Speaker

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