A Step by Step Guide to Ace your Video Interview

A Step by Step Guide to Ace your Video Interview

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Previously interviews are taken in face-to-face and telephonic. Now the time has changed, with the usage of internet video interviews are going viral. Recruiters prefer video interviews or video conferencing interviews to hire candidates in all most sectors. The selection process is similar but the performance matters. The preparation process is entirely different for this video interview. To perform a successful Video Interview, follow this article. In this article, you are going to learn about
What is Video Interview?
What are the required things for a Video Interview?
How to prepare for a video job Interview?
In this digital era, the video conferencing interview is the best interview process reported by many recruiters. This is cost effective as well as the time constraint. So, most of the people & job candidates prefer this type of interview process. Let’s know a bit more about this video interview.

What is Video Interview?

A video interview is one of the job selection process to hire potential candidates. The interview process takes place remotely by using the video technology as well as communication medium like headphones. Usually, the video interview process is of two types like synchronous (live) and asynchronous (pre-recorded).
The second thing you are going to know about Video interview requirements. Without any of these, you’re not going to attend the interview.

What are the required things for a Video Interview?

The talent acquisition team in big firms prefer video interview. Why because the video interviews are the best one to save money & time on hiring the candidate. Before are going to perform a video interview the things you required is
• The PC with a web camera or A Laptop with a good quality camera.
• Microphone.
• Good Internet connection
• Supported browser (Google, Mozilla, Edge, etc.)
The third thing last but not least is how to prepare for the interview. Continue the reading

How to prepare for a Video Interview?

The good thing with this video interview is saving time & money for both. But, the sad thing is not all the candidates are ready for a video interview. By following these preparation steps, you can rock your video job interview. However, the active practice also required to Ace the Interview


  • The first thing is preparation; some people are not good in camera facing. Talking in front of the camera is entirely different face to face round.
  • To ace this process the best option is practice. Record yourself with smartphone or laptop you have. This will completely change your Interview preparation.
  • Practice the interview with at least 5-6 times of recording. By answering a set of previously prepared rough interview questions.
  • You can make the interview questions set by researching the company history. For example, if you’re preparing for the Amazon technical round prepare these technical questions.
  • The most common generalized interview questions would be like this way. The Benefit with this round is you can have answers for the questions on hand.

Interview Location

  • The second thing you need to consider about the video interview is location. Plan the position & set it at least one day before the interview.
  • Where you need to perform is essential, like in a room, or any other location. The impression is significant. Recruiters say most of the candidates hired with their sitting position, location, other factors.
  • Try to avoid sound environments like cafes, malls, parks, public places, etc.
  • If you’re planning your interview in a home, keep the room clean as well as regularly keep the things. The most crucial element is let your family members know that you’re going to attend the interview.
  • Let your phone put into silent mode and test your self is their noise disturbances are occurring with a closed system.


  • The dressing is the crucial thing for any interview even it is video or face to face. You’re going to perform a job interview so keep in mind while preparing for the interview.
  • Even though you’re at home, but remember you’re attending the job interview. The first impression is always the best impression so make it possible with your first look.
  • The way how you dress-up for the face-to-face round do the same for this video interview also. Also, check once how your dress looks on a computer screen.
  • Try to avoid busy patterns, stripes, clumsy colors, etc. for your reference follow this article dress for the best.

Body Language

  • Check your body language once before you’re facing the interview. How you are facing the interview is always notable. One thing you need to do right from the first to last is keeping eye contact.
  • Don’t be tensed, speak clearly, they only observe your answers with the voice that is coming from your side. So, don’t rush which will unclear the words and sound.
  • The most ducking thing you need to do for this video interview is avoiding nervousness. Don’t interrupt any noise in your interview time.
  • Must & should keep your mobile in silent mode, if you’re at home lock your room door during the interview. For more understanding & easy winning of an interview read this Easy Body Language tips for an extempore interview

Prepare Technically

  • It’s better to test the technical things before going to face the interview. The place which you have decided on this video interview check the lighting and adjust them with a computer screen.
  • Test the computer, internet, sound system, camera, etc. additionally, test the software that you’re going to attend for this interview.
  • Keep the laptop charger with you at that time. Sometimes the fully charged computers are also running down during this time. To avoid those circumstances, keep the charger with you it’s better to plug-in.
  • If the voice is not audible to you from the interviewer side, don’t hesitate, let them know the problem you’re facing also tell them if any technical issues which will help you to perform the interview efficiently.

These are the steps & tips to follow before going to attend the video interview. We hope this article is useful, do you think we missed anything here? Let us know. We will include those points also for more visibility. Also, read the non-verbal communication in an interview to rock the interview. For more entry level Jobs & internship opportunities do register with GradSiren. A one-stop destination for all tech & non-tech jobs.

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A Step by Step Guide to Ace your Video Interview

by GradSiren Time to read: 4 min