Best Career Assessment Tools for Recent Grads

Best Career Assessment Tools for Recent Grads

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After graduation, every student wonders, “Where do I go next? What’s ahead? Will I succeed or fail in the real world?” If these are the questions on your mind, let’s get started with answering them. You might not come up with all your questions answered right away, but this is a great way to start.

Before choosing a career, the first thing you need to know is your passion. With that knowledge, you can rock in the real world and flourish in your chosen career. Remember: The best things always happen when a person is filled with passion.

But GradSiren understands that knowing your passion and also knowing what to do with it can be challenging. So we’ve come up with this list of the best career assessment tools for recent graduates.

According to studies, 80% of graduates aren’t happy with their career path a year after they started. Why? Because they weren’t absolutely sure about the career opportunities best suited to them. And they might have chosen a job for the wrong reasons: it looked glamorous, but they aren’t the glamorous type. Or it looked like serious, meaningful work, but they really prefer something a bit more fun and glamorous than that.

The second issue that graduates are troubled by is they weren’t aware of the choices their degree offers. GradSiren wants to give complete guidance to graduates, and with this article, you can analyze your skills and personality to help you choose the job best suited to your needs and passions. Check out these five career assessment tools to get you on your way to a position that’s 100% satisfying.

What is Career Assessment?

Career assessment is the process of analyzing interests, skills, aptitudes, tendencies, and more to help people become familiar with their likes, dislikes, skills, and passions as they search for their ideal career. In some cases, recruiters give these types of assessment tests to newly minted graduates to evaluate their interests before making an offer.

Career Assessment tools

Career Assessment tools provide an evaluation of your work interests, attitudes, and usual reactions in common scenarios. These tools help you gather useful information to assist with career choices and development. Nothing is correct or incorrect; these are just personality tests that ask various questions about your interests, values, skills, and personality.

As you go through the questions, be sure to answer honestly. Remember, there are no right or wrong answers. In addition, try not to answer in ways that reflect how you wish you were or how you want to be. This won’t help you with your career and personal goals or learning more about your strengths and weaknesses. Instead, focus on how you think or feel about something right now, in the present moment, and answer accordingly for the best results.

Interests: the things you like to do with lots of energy and enthusiasm—your passions—are revealed and analyzed with these tests.

  • Skill Test: this section evaluates specific skills in a variety of situations.
  • Values: the rules you live by are identified by the level of importance you’re giving them
  • Personality type: your interests, desires, and inspirations are revealed and evaluated here.

These types of questions estimate your level of interest and skills, and test results offer suggestions for your career options. GradSiren lists the best career assessment tools to analyze and evaluate your skills and career interests.

Best Career Assessment Tools and Career Test Tools


Choosing career goals can be confusing and frustrating. And sometimes a choice doesn’t work out. When it doesn’t, most people feel their job dissatisfaction at early stages due to lack of interest, boredom, or frustration. Some professionals are also re-starting their careers at the entry-level by considering the benefits of changing careers.

But don’t worry about feeling confused for now. And don’t think for a moment that a change in career direction is a big failure. Instead, cultivate an openness to experience, and learn more about your skills, working style, and interests by using these career assessment tools. You’ll find the clarity and confidence you’re looking for, and you’ll know that you’ve gained skills and knowledge rather than lost time.

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Best Career Assessment Tools for Recent Grads

by GradSirenTime to read: 3 min