Best Entry Level Jobs for Environmental Science Majors

Best Entry Level Jobs for Environmental Science Majors

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Environmental science mainly deals with nature & it’s protection making careers in environmental science great for someone who wants to connect with the natural world. These jobs are fascinating, exciting, and important while also offering competitive salaries. If you have a degree in environmental science, you need to find a career that fits your skillset and allows you to use your education productively.

What is Environmental Science

Environmental science is the understanding of Earth’s physical and biological atmospheres. The science is the learning of multi-disciplinary interactions of Earth’s environment. It integrates physical, biological, as well as information sciences including physics, math, chemistry, botany, zoology, geology, mineralogy, oceanography, soil science, atmospheric science, and ecology. This wide range of fields makes it easy for environmental science majors to find worthwhile career opportunities.

If you’re considering a career in environmental science, here are some of the best jobs to consider.

Best Environmental Science Jobs

Environmental science jobs require a specific degree and specialization. But these careers also give opportunities to graduates who have the knowledge and an understanding of nature’s behavior. Some of the careers available to environmental science majors are:

  • Environmental Engineer
  • Environmental Scientist
  • Environmental Consultant
  • Hydrologist
  • Zoologist

These are the best possible environmental science jobs with environmental science degree & without a degree. Apart from title distinguishing we also provide the complete in-depth knowledge on these job roles. Have a look

1. Environmental Engineer

An environmental engineer uses his technical knowledge for nature conservation. His engineering technology principles apply to various disciplines in order to come up with solutions for all environmental problems.

Job Roles & responsibilities

  • Designing environmental projects regarding production
  • Inspections to ensure companies follow environmental guidelines, etc.
  • Advising government officials regarding nature conservation
  • Preparing reports on environmental projects

Required Degree, Salary, & Career Prospects

You need at least a bachelor’s degree in environmental engineering to pursue this career. However, recruiters prefer job candidates with a master’s degree in this discipline. According to a survey, an entry-level environmental engineer earns around $44,180.70 to start with high-end environment engineers earning up to $122,653.70. Over the next ten years, this specific industry is projected to grow by 4 percent across the US.

Job Opportunities

2. Environmental Scientist

Environmental scientists identify environmental threats on Earth. This is done mainly by examining the Earth’s atmosphere as well as the soil, water, air pollution, etc. After thorough research, they advise government officials regarding hazards and suggest possible solutions. This is a good environmental science job for traditional students looking to put their degree to good use.

Roles & Responsibilities

  • Work with a team and individually on projects
  • Research food, water, air, soil, and other mineral samples to generate results about the Earth’s environment.
  • Identifies environmental changes and warn people of threats
  • Develop strategies for hazard prevention and approaches to reduce environmental damage

Required Degree, Salary, & Career Prospects

For these kinds of environmental science jobs, recruiters require a post-graduate degree in environmental science. Alternatively, any master’s degrees in biology or ecology are also accepted.

An entry-level environmental scientist earns around $22,385.10 while senior-level environmental scientists earn around $72,147.90 a year. Over the next 10 years, this specific industry is projected to grow 7 percent.

Job Opportunities

3. Environmental Consultant

An environmental consultant is one of the highest paying and most socially respected jobs in this field. An environmental consultant addresses the environmental problems in various industries (food, chemical, pharmaceutical, and more) while also researching products and generating reports based on all of their findings.

Roles & Responsibilities

  • Analyze industry products and prepare reports Conduct environmental audits in various industries and release certificates
  • Identify contaminated products and regulate them with waste management policies

Required Degree, Salary, & Career Prospects

  • Hiring managers require candidates to have a bachelor’s degree in environmental science. With this degree, jobs in government sectors, as well as corporate firms, are possible.
  • An entry-level environment consultant can earn $37,891.40 per annum while top-level environment consultants record an annual salary of around $81,983.80.
  • There is currently a high demand for environmental consultants in the US with a projected growth of 12 percent in the foreseeable future.

Job Opportunities

4. Hydrologists

A hydrologist is someone who examines the water and the recycling of water for further uses. They use multiple techniques to save water and reduce waste.

Roles & Responsibilities

  • Examine water samples & analyze the volume, contaminated percentage, PH levels, etc.
  • Generate reports on pollution levels & bring solutions to reduce levels.
  • Estimate weather-related water projects like power plant projects, wastewater management, developing new irrigation systems, etc.

Required Degree, Salary, & Career Prospects

  • Recruiters require at least a bachelor’s degree in geology. They closely work with scientists, engineers, and government officials, so communication skills, as well as analytical skills, are required.
  • An entry-level hydrologist can earn up to $49,894.40 while senior-level hydrologists earn around $120,018.40. There is a growing demand for hydrologists with a projected growth of 10.4 percent.

Job Opportunities

5. Zoologists

Zoologist’s study the characteristics of animals. They analyze the habits of animals and how human behavior affects their lifecycle. They also study animal habitats and how they benefit the environment. All these are related to environmental studies and help environmental conditions.

Roles & Responsibilities

  • Work closely with team members examining wild animals, their characteristics, and how they relate to the environment.
  • Collect specimens of endangered species and try to protect them for further generations.
  • Use geographical analyses to prepare reports for wildlife conservations.
  • Analyze human behavior and how they affect animals and their habitats.

Required Degree, Salary & Career Prospects

  • In order to become a zoologist, you need a master’s degree in zoology. But to become a professional zoologist, apart from an academic degree, you’ll need critical thinking, analyzing skills, problem-solving skills, and even IT knowledge.
  • Entry-level zoologists can earn around $38,120.90 while senior-level zoologists can earn around $99,936.10. With a growing demand for zoologists, the industry is expected to grow by 8 percent over the next decade.

Job Opportunities

  • For those still in school, look for internships to help jumpstart your career. The best ones are those in laboratories or with professors in research labs. Zoologist internship opportunities aren’t as common as others. They are available if you take the time to look for them.
  • If looking for an entry-level position, browse some of the latest entry-level jobs on career boards or by working with recruiters.

Hopefully, this shortlist of the best entry-level jobs for environmental science majors gave you a good idea of what is available in the current job market. If you found this helpful, share this post with other environmental science students looking for some help with career development. If you’d like to know more about possible similar environmental science jobs? Follow the link.

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Best Entry Level Jobs for Environmental Science Majors

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