Sick on the day of your interview? Don’t panic

Sick on the day of your interview? Don’t panic

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We’re heading into flu season, and that can mean trouble for people in the middle of a job search. What if you have a big job interview tomorrow, and suddenly you feel sick? Imagine you’ve contracted an unpleasant illness, and you know you simply won’t be able to participate at your best level.
You could always try to recover overnight, using medicine and cold remedies, but if you attend the interview sneezing and coughing, you could really put off your recruiter. It’s an unpleasant situation – and one that you should make every attempt to avoid.
Never attend an interview while you are sick, or appear unhealthy. Rather than appreciating your efforts, hiring managers will worry that they could catch your illness and might even think you are showing up is inconsiderate.
If you are sick, call your contact and apologize, and explain the situation. Try not to feel bad, as they will appreciate you not exposing them to illness. Simply ask them to reschedule your interview. Be patient and ask for a new time, and be as flexible as possible in scheduling.
In the case that this is not your first interview with the company, contact the hiring manager you’ve been working with and ask to delay the interview for a couple of days. You are in a better position to do so because you’ve already visited the company and know the recruiters. Keep in mind: we are all human, and getting the flu can happen to anyone.
In the event that management reacts poorly to your request to delay the interview, take that as a sign. That demonstrates that this company is not people-first and may react the same way if you get sick while working. You don’t want to work for a company which is unkind to employees when they’re not feeling well or doesn’t expect employees to get sick.
Once you reschedule the interview day, review our interview tips to be ready for any challenge. Always attend the interview feeling healthy, energetic, and ready to do your best for your potential future company.

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Sick on the day of your interview? Don’t panic

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