Top 5 High Paying Job Categories for Women in USA

Top 5 High Paying Job Categories for Women in USA

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In this competitive job world, women earning is always noticeable. The viral topic in the US is USA immigration & VISA Service (USCIS) NTA; women are the most affected people with NTA. All of us need to notice that, the greater nation in the world also considering the women earnings. It’s increasingly difficult for women to find jobs with good wages in the USA when compared to men. Are you even that type of women who’re looking to start your career with decent salaries in the USA? If yes this is for you only. According to BLS 2018 & US news latest best job list for women, we sort out the top 5 high paying job categories for women in USA.
The categories that are covered here Finance, Healthcare, Law, Management, and Technology. The women who can choose their career under these categories can get a job without much stress also get decent pay for their occupation. Last but not least these are the categories that women can get a job with high pay among the others.


Healthcare is the fast-growing field in the USA, in fact not only in the USA all over the world. In USA pharmacists & Registered Nurses have huge demand, for these jobs the specialization required. Pharmacist’s help patients by dispensing the medicines according to doctor’s prescription. The women those completed their bachelor’s degree in pharmacy are eligible for these jobs. The annual wage for Pharmacists starts from $73,199 and drive up to $153,701.
Another topmost job category is Finance. In the USA the women who are with finance background have multiple job opportunities. Most of the women placed as financial advisers, here they do consult with clients and advise the people based on their requirements. The job role should be like explaining retirement plans, investment plans, investing money on mutual funds from behalf of clients, & more. The financial advisers can earn from 34,530.4 and go up to $99,140, based on the job level & category the figure can be high & low.
Law & Justice

One of the high paying job categories for women in USA is Law & Justice. The women who want to settle in USA within short period then they should go with this firm. The person who wants to become a lawyer in USA required a bachelor’s degree as well as a three years training in Law school. For a professional lawyer in USA the person should qualify their state’s bar examination. The annual wages for female lawyers in USA, starting from $46,321.0 and go up to $162,856.4.

Management jobs are one of the best fit for women, eventually most of the women choosing their career in management stream only. As a Human Resources manager, the person should be responsible for the company employee’s recruitment. They are also responsible for employee relationship, payrolls, benefits training, etc. For this position, a bachelor’s degree in Management is required. The annual wages of HR manager should be like $38,973.8 and go up to $130,994.7.
Nowadays most of the people turning their career into the IT sector. Even women do have a bright future in this sector, like a software engineer. If we take software engineer as an example, they do design & develop computer programs. They do analyze the code develop new one or rewrite to improvise the existing software. A female software engineer can earn $47,207.0 as starting to go up to $150,894.8 for top-end software engineers.

These are the 5 High Paying Job Categories for Women in USA. So, are you starting your career these will help you with a fast move. For the latest updates on USCIS follow the NEWS portal. Also, do register with GradSiren & get your dream job soon in USA. The best job portal for internships & entry-level jobs is GradSiren, do subscribe for latest job updates with lifetime validity. Is this article related to you? Are these categories being enough or do we include some more best? Share all your ideas in the below-mentioned comment box! Also, do share with related people

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Top 5 High Paying Job Categories for Women in USA

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