Where can an internship take you?

Where can an internship take you?

Finding an Internship Posted by: GradSiren
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You can gain valuable experience from an internship. For example:
  1. Get industry experience
  2. Learn about different work environments
  3. Build new skills and improve the ones you already have
  4. Gain new contacts and references
  5. Learn to handle different interpersonal situations
  6. Earn college credit (sometimes)
  7. Potential to become a full-time job

Not every internship is the same. Think about what you hope to gain from an internship and compare that to your career goals.
In internships, you may gain experience participating in, and running, meetings; one company may give you the opportunity to be involved in a major project, while another may give you the chance to work in different departments. Understand what you want out of an internship and choose what fits your needs.

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Where can an internship take you?

by GradSiren Time to read: <1 min