How an Internship Will Lead You to a Promising Tech Career

How an Internship Will Lead You to a Promising Tech Career

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According to a recent study by Aspiring Minds, only 5% of engineering graduates are employable in software companies, and those companies can be separated into two major types: IT services outsourcing firms or technology product companies. Jobs in IT service firms are beginning to die out due to automation and geopolitical factors, making it harder for recent graduates to find an excellent entry-level job in that sector.

Now we see a growth in developers in technology product companies, which is good for the industry, but bad for students since not all schools are equipping their graduates with the product-centric thinking and creativity that is required to become a full-stack developer. Instead of finding a job in their field, engineering majors are joining labor force jobs to help them make ends meet.

Instead of settling for a job you don’t want, look for a tech internship that can benefit you in the future. In an internship, you are getting hands-on learning at the job of your choice. You will get the opportunity to work with some great minds in the business and gain experience working with the latest and most updated technology in your field.

Working at an internship in the tech field, you are also gaining an edge over the competition. You will learn how to do specific coding from experts, which isn’t something that is typically taught in school. When employers are looking to hire for an entry-level position, they value experience and the more experience you have in the field, the better your chance of being hired.

The experience you will gain in an internship is invaluable. You get an in-depth insight into how a company runs, what the workflow looks like, the customer interaction, and the interaction you will need to engage in with team leads and managers. It will equip you with a lot of practical knowledge, which is what you will need as you start a tech career.

A company also benefits from bringing in an intern since it gives them a fresh perspective on things. An intern is new and unbiased, generally enthusiastic about problem-solving and working on tough problems, which is what some companies need to get the edge over their competitors. By bringing in an intern, the company also benefits because they have the ultimate decision to hire you full-time after the internship is over. Hiring someone off the streets who don’t know their way around the company could be costly for the business, as they will have to train the new employee. That often isn’t the case when it comes to hiring an intern full-time since the company has already invested time and training into the intern.

The best part of an internship is the fact that you can work on improving your skills as a developer while working as an intern. You might have to learn in a fast-paced environment, but you will be able to collaborate with teams and develop products from start to finish.

If you are a recent graduate and looking for the best entry-level jobs in the tech field, then an internship is the way to go. Two-thirds of interns in the tech field end up getting a job in a software development firm after their internship is over. It’s hard to argue with those facts.

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How an Internship Will Lead You to a Promising Tech Career

by GradSiren Time to read: 2 min