Top Seven Finance Internships with Great Stipend

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Internships are not only for academic credits they are important to gain good work experience as real-world exposure. They are an incredible chance to discover your niche areas of interest and thereby help in landing into an entry-level position in that arena. Many financial organizations provide a great learning platform for graduates through their internship program. Lately, some of them are observed offering a good stipend too. This could help students by covering their expenses in a way during their academic and professional transission times. Corporate companies say that these stipends are just the compensation for their hard work. This tagline attracts most of the students; finally, companies receive a good number of internship applications and a right talent to fill into their coveted positions as well.

After thorough research we bring the list of seven finance companies, those are not just giving true experiences during their work, yet also, offers an exciting stipend amount.

Seven Prestigious Finance Internships in the USA

The US is a land popular for many reputed and historically acclaimed finance companies. Well! These are not just popular with their sheer antiquity of establishment. They are also renowned for their ever successful and long stint role of a successful time in financial service areas. So, while coming to the Internship programs, these finance companies offer a fair chance of a career and great learning opportunity to all finance graduates making them their most aspired companies to work for most. The chances of entry-level conversion also are strong as observed. Now, let’s jump into details of these seven prestigious finance internship programs in the USA that offer a great & rewarding career.

  1. Kleiner Perkins
  2. Capital One Financial Corporation
  3. Northwestern Mutual
  4. AFLAC
  5. AT&T Inc.
  6. Charles Schwab
  7. Discover Financial Services

While the one who wants to apply for these prestigious internship programs the ideal time would be a penultimate graduate. But when it comes to preparation, it’s better to start from the first year of graduation.

  1. Kleiner Perkins

The Kleiner Perkins (KP), well known by the name of KPCB (Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers) is one good financial institution offering great Internships. This US-based company provides specialized financial services, in venture capital funds and investments. KP provides an internship program by the name of KP Fellowship Program, which provides a significant learning opportunity for outstanding students. Not only in the finance arena but also provides opportunities for technical graduates as well.

In 3-6 months, KP fellows are allowed to deal with real-time projects, building new relationships with clients, and involved them with daily operations. Interns also permitted to participate in KP’s private & public parties where interns get a chance to meet official people & that will help them to build their network.

Eligibility – For this KP fellowship, a penultimate graduate with any academic majors are eligible. The graduates must be studying in US universities only. Based on their educational background the fellows get their operations.

Where to Apply – Students can submit their application here (

  1. Capital One Financial Corporation

Capital one is the diversified bank, which provides a broad range of financial services to SME clients in USA, Canada & UK. The Fortune 500 Company is a well-known firm in USA through its commercial products. It is one of the nationally recognized brands in USA & ranked as top 10 Bank with its 65M customers.

Capital One offers Analyst Internships Program for students, this is one of the most prestigious summer internship programs providing company in USA for students. As a Capital One intern, the students involved in challenging & problem programs. Interns are involved in targeting oriented projects, core business projects, analytical meetings, etc.

Eligibility: This program is designed for 101 interns annually & the final year graduates are eligible. The duration is 6-12 weeks. This program is available in Chicago IL, McLean VA, New York NY, Plano TX, Richmond VA these locations.

Where to Apply – Follow the link to apply. (

  1. Northwestern Mutual

Northwestern Mutual is the US-based financial services providing company. The fortune 500 company offers services that are related to financial consultation like education planning, retirement planning, investment advisory services, business planning, estate planning, private client services, and consultation on wealth and asset income protection. It also offers products like life insurance, investments, advisory products, etc.

The largest company designed a summer internship program with the name of Northwestern Mutual Internship. The duration of this program is 6-12 weeks, in this time northwestern mutual allows their interns to experience the real work environment. These interns do work equally to an entry-level employee. Every year 33% of interns getting an entry-level position in Northwestern Mutual.

Eligibility – The program offered throughout the USA, those who’re pursuing their second year of graduation are eligible to this.

Where to Apply – The applications are accepted on a rolling basis, follow the link to apply

  1. AFLAC

The US-based insurance company AFLAC is a 63-year-old company. It is the largest insurance company in USA. The insurance company is well-known for payroll deduction coverage. With its insurance policies over 50M users that got protection from illness, accidents, healthcare, etc. AFLAC offers supplemental health & life insurance products.

The one who is looking for a real-world learning platform in industries might greatly benefit from the AFLAC summer internship program as the best choice. AFLAC gives liberty to the interns why because their fresh ideas will help a lot to improvise organization efficiency. Which offers internships in Finance, IT, Accounting, compliance and legal, Strategic management.

Eligibility – The 10-week paid internship program is opened for penultimate graduates, recent outcomes, Business school students, law school students, and more. The required GPA is 3.0-3.9.

Where to apply – Are you interested in this AFLAC summer internship program? Are you equipped with the eligibility mentioned above criteria? Then follow the link ( or else share your resume to this mail id

  1. AT&T Inc.

The largest telecommunication company AT&T is an us-based multinational conglomerate holding company. The world’s largest telecommunication company also provides mobile networks, which is ranked as #9 company in fortune 500 companies list.

Also occupied a place in #10 prestigious finance internship programs through its AT&T Finance Leadership Development Program (FLDP). Through this program, they provide a significant platform for professional learning. The FLDP is a 10-week internship program during this time interns learn work in various areas like capital planning, business consulting, investor relations, treasury, and more.

Eligibility – Through this program, 50 students can get the opportunity for professional learning. The graduate students & business school students are eligible for this program.

Where to Apply – The prestigious program opens its window only for 50 students, those come out as a working professional. Follow the link to apply (

  1. Charles Schwab

The US-Based finance company operates its services through San Francisco, California. The 48 years old bank is one of the largest banks in USA. Which also obtains its special place in brokerage firm too. Through an e-platform, Charles Schwab provides an opportunity for people to purchase & sale the financial securities. The bank & brokerage firm operate sit services in four major platforms those are banking, trading, investing, and wealth management.

The Schwab Intern Academy is the program designed for young talents. Through this 2019 Schwab Intern Academy internship program students have the opportunity to learn in the following divisions’ Finance, Marketing, Corporate Risk Management, Branch Network, Client Solutions, Investor Services, Internal Audit, Retirement Plan Services, Human Resources, Retirement Business Services, Operations, and more.

Eligibility – For this 6-12-week program Schwab Intern Academy recruitment team select 100 potential interns. College juniors, Graduate Students, Business School Students are eligible for this program. People should be able to work for the full time that too on-site.

Where to Apply – So, are you obey with the above respective points? Then why are you waiting to follow the link to apply? (

  1. Discover Financial Services

The 34-year-old finance company cum bank is the subsidiary of sears. Discover Financial Services (DFS) operates its financial services like direct banking & payment services. Which offers private loans, student loans, home loans, personal loans, credit cards, and more. In USA this discovers card is the third largest credit card with 50M card holders.

Discover Internship Program (DIP) is the internship program name which is offered by the DFS. DIP is the active professional training program through this student get real-time experience on client consulting, cross-functional knowledge, ongoing developmental training, etc. where students/graduates get good mentor & career opportunities too.

Eligibility – DIP opens its program door for 100 dynamic students/graduates only. This program is designed with 3-6 months duration of time. Eligible people are College Juniors & Seniors, Graduate Students, Law School Students, and Business School Students. Candidate should be US citizen or having a permeant US residency along with 3.0 GPA/4.0GPA.

Where to Apply – Hope the points mentioned above are the best fit for your career ! Then follow this link & apply for this 2019. (

These are the most prestigious finance internship programs in USA for finance majors. Follow the link to grab paid finance internships on fortune 500 companies.


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Top Seven Finance Internships with Great Stipend

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