Internships for Computer Science Majors

Internships for Computer Science Majors

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An internship is one of the best ways to explore career paths in the tech industry. You’ll have the chance to learn job responsibilities, and you’ll likely discover a direction you’d like to take your career. Even if the internship is ultimately not the right fit, it will still allow you to get a feel for the industry and work culture. Internships are highly valued and computer science majors are in high demand.
Below are the most common types of internships for computer science majors.

Front-End Engineering

In this position, you’ll gain real-world experience by working on the user-facing portion of a website or application. You’ll write code in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and also test and debug that code to ensure that the user experience is as smooth and immersive as possible. During your internship, you’ll be exposed to many different types of projects and challenges.

Back-End Engineering

An internship in back-end engineering means you’ll be working with the data that powers a website or application. These programs will contain languages like Python, Ruby, and Java. Your responsibilities will include writing code pertaining to your project and testing the code to ensure a robust finished product. It is a great chance to develop your practices and to learn to work in a dynamic environment.

Full-Stack Software Engineering

For people who like to do it all or aren’t sure what they want to do, the full-stack software engineer works on both front-end and back-end technologies, seeing how data flows through the application and how it is transferred and displayed. Once you are actively involved, you’ll be able to understand and develop different technologies, working with end-to-end applications.

Information Security

What protects every company’s confidential information is secure. This type of internship will expose you to different security threats and how to combat them.

Mobile Engineering

Mobile engineering is a hot field, and you’ll have the opportunity to work with one or more types of mobile technologies. Depending on the internship, you may even develop some mobile applications for iOS or Android.

iOS Engineering

Gain hands-on experience in developing Apple-specific apps. You’ll use codes such as Swift and XCode, and you may even be responsible for publishing to the App Store.

Android Engineering

Here you’ll be working with a design team to build advanced applications for the Android platform. In this software engineering internship, you’ll work with teams to develop and define a product—you may even see a project through from start to finish.

Product Management

This role involves the ability to work with a team of engineers who are able to create and develop new strategies on specific products. You should be like a bridge between two teams: engineering and marketing.

Data Scientist

Analytical thinkers, this is one for you. As a data science intern, you’ll learn how to build and launch complex statistical models to further the goals of the business. You can expect to direct your own research and work with large amounts of data from internal and external sources.

Data Engineering

Data engineering means collecting, storing, and processing data and creating a system that will allow others to analyze that data. You may work closely with data scientists, and a good intern will be able to look at the “big picture.”

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Internships for Computer Science Majors

by GradSiren Time to read: 2 min