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Microsoft Corporation Business Internship Programs Overview

Microsoft has high aspirations for sending top students to the head of their class – in the form of internships, that is. The firm is omnipresent – much like the air we breathe. And it is consistently rated as one of the best places to work.

Since bursting onto the scene in 1975, Microsoft has become one of only three trillion-dollar companies. The first was Apple, then Amazon and now Microsoft. In only six years, it has quadrupled its value.

Now leading the way into innovative AI technology, the conglomerate continues to blaze a trail to advance organizational achievement. As they continue to pioneer new ways to solve problems and improve the user's experience, Microsoft is on a never-ending search for top students.

They know the competition for talented interns is fierce, so they sweeten the pot with relocation benefits and a bounty of other perks. Interns will work on real projects to find sustainable solutions.

Microsoft provides opportunities for interns to not only learn and grow their skills, they also invite them to experience their community relations events. Microsoft has a robust 12-week summer internship program.

Microsoft helps jumpstart students’ careers by giving them an inside look at how their employees create, grow, learn and enjoy collaborating to find solutions. They assign real projects to interns, demonstrating how to bring concepts to life – and then to the market.

The software giant is seeking intern candidates who have a passion for computer science and or the software industry. Openings exist for interns in engineering, finance, marketing, business, HR and technology. Like most of the large companies, they allow interns to apply for multiple positions.


Internships are specifically designed for freshman and sophomore college students – in the US, Canada or Mexico - in their first or second year of their bachelor’s degree program.

The candidate must have completed an Intro to Computer Science and Calculus (or their equivalent) by the time the program begins.

Compensation / Benefits

Microsoft Corporation is providing Paid Internships

Microsoft Corporation Business Internship Programs
Microsoft Corporation

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Redmond, WA US

  • Phone Number: 98052-7329
  • Duration: 3 to 6 Months
  • No. of Interns Required: Above 100
  • Location(s):
    Redmond , WA