Microsoft Corporation


location Redmond, WA

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Microsoft Corporation Overview

As the world-leading technology for software systems and office productivity applications, Microsoft develops personal and business solutions, enabling digital transformation through an intelligent edge in the digital marketplace. Founded in 1975, Microsoft expanded its Windows operating systems early on in its career as an integrated corporation, focusing on the user experience as each software application develops over time.

The Microsoft Corporation delivers cross-device apps, software development tools, video games, and computer system integrators to enterprise companies, small businesses, and home users. Through successful expansion, Microsoft fully integrates its products and services into the digital industry, increasing revenue and production value significantly.

With over 148,000 employees, Microsoft has become the leading company for computer operation alongside Apple, earning an FY19 net revenue of $39.8 billion. It also manufactures and sells devices such as personal computers, tablets, phones, and other accessories to compete with the market.

The company also offer cloud-based solutions for data protection. Besides its Windows operating systems and Office productivity applications, Microsoft develops business solution applications through the Azure Intelligence Cloud, Xbox One gaming system, and LinkedIn, for making connections with businesses and entrepreneurs all over the world.


Microsoft Corporation

Redmond, WA

Global Headquaters

One Microsoft Way , address 1, Redmond, Washington, WA, 98052, United States


Information Technology and Services

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