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Google Overview

Google Inc. is an international company based on a global search engine. Founded in 1998, Google has spread over the Internet, making research results more accessible than ever. Google Chrome has been commonly used as a default search engine for more desktops or laptops because of its easy usage and accuracy.

To begin with, Google only allowed search results based on one language, but within its growth there has been dozens of products and services that are offered by Google in order to make people's lives simpler and hassle-free. All of Google services are made for business or personal usage, some of these services include: Google Calendars, Google Drive, Google Home, Google Photos, Google Chrome, Google News, Google Sheets, Google Cloud Search, Google Ads, Google My Business, Google Play Books, Google Analytics, Gboard, Google Plus (now discontinued), Google Street View, Synctastic for Google, Science Journal by Google, Google Admin, Tabs for Google, G-Whizz! For Google Apps and G-Whizz! Plus for Google Apps. Products that Google offers includes, the Google Pixel Cell Phones, Google Next Hub Max, Google Home Minis, Google Home Max, Google Chromecast, Google Home Voice-Activated Smart Speaker, Google Wifi Solution Router Replacement Kits and Google Smart Light Starter Kit with Google Assistant included.

Google has plenty to offer for personal or professional usage, but they are also known for their respect amongst holidays, appreciation months and memorable events that they express with their famous and popularized Google banner in front of their search engine and the recommendation of search results that are or have been related.


Mountain View, CA

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