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Nvidia Overview

Nvidia invented the graphics processing unit in 1999, awakening the world to the influence of computer graphics. With over 50 offices worldwide, Nvidia pioneered visual computing solutions and brought them to the market, enabling companies such as Microsoft, Sega, Blizzard Entertainment, and Sony to power gaming consoles, personal computers, and gaming programs with the ability to improve their graphics while provide seamless performance. Now, after over 20 years of continuous success, Nvidia commits to providing the world with innovative ways of creating new technologies and improving lives.

Recognized as a world leader in GPU computing, Nvidia earned over $2.8 trillion in global retail sales, spurring a wave of global progress through constant updates and innovations to their GPU systems and development of AI.

Nvidia leads in robotics, focusing its latest developments on automated farm equipment, self-driving cars, and autonomous factory robots, eaning its way into other revenues of the industry through technology. Nvidia, through its offices and distribution centers, hs developed a unique culture of operation systems by innovating the “learning machines.

Nvidia, as a multi-national corporation, also has invested in philanthropic investments, giving an excess of $5.3 million to drive innovative solutions for fighting cancer back in 2018. As the top best companies to work for by Forbes and rated the smartest company by MIT Tech Review, Nvidia constantly adapts to new ideas to help change the world.



Santa Clara , California , CA , 95051 , United States

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Santa Clara , California , CA , 95051 , United States


Computer Hardware

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