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Industry Type(s): Management Consulting

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Slalom teams in the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada excels fast and do what is correct for their clientele making things more personal than most consulting agencies. They care deeply about helping companies tackle the companies hardest challenges and turn their visions ra actuality. At Slalom, it is never only about the current job at hand; it is about building and enabling trust in a long-term succession. Slalom will come to you and intertwine their people with your organization’s people and will share their skills with your organization every step of the process.
Slalom got their start doing things differently than any other consulting firms. Instead of an up and out grueling career Slalom offers balance and sanity in the workforce. They want to offer the opportunity to love your life and your job and prioritized family. By investing in people and communities, they always keep the clientele’s success in mind. Slalom will embrace the diversity in people and views and reach the best outcome of their clients.

With over 7000 employees, they have been named the best place to work on numerous occasions for start up, nonprofit and innovative businesses. Slalom’s core values are to be an active part of everything they do. Slalom wants to remind everyone to be true to themselves while driving amazing outcomes for their clients.


Seattle , WA

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Seattle , Washington , WA , 98104 , United States


Management Consulting

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