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Qualcomm Overview

Qualcomm Inc. converges on communications development, inventing technology that allows people to connect, commute, and communicate with each other through various multimedia systems.

Qualcomm Inc is a multinational corporation working within telecommunications, equipment, marketing, system software, social networking, computer processing, and integrated circuitry. Operating in over 170 offices in 40 countries worldwide, Qualcomm Inc.

specializes in business strategy, engineering, and science to increase mobility, wireless innovation and supporting the content creation industry of today's digital age.

Qualcomm Inc. works through three different segments to achieve its initiatives: Qualcomm CDMA Technologies, Qualcomm Technology Licensing, and Qualcomm Strategic Initiatives. For QCT, integrated circuits, system software, and other technologies used in wireless communication using code division multiple access for their products. The QTL segment grants licenses for intellectual property, patenting over 40,000 inventions over the past decade.

Its QSI segment invests in beginning companies working through artificial intelligence, digital healthcare, and investment in designing new voice and data communications.

Multimedia investment is Qualcomm's long term solution to today's advancement in the digital age, and with over 350,000 employees, Qualcomm inspires to bring diversity, inclusion, and strategy into the industrial workforce.



San Diego, CA

Global Headquaters

5775 Morhouse Drive, San Diego, California, CA, 92121, United States



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