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Paypal Overview

Paypal Holdings, Inc, conducts over 2 billion mobile transactions per year, making the company one the most successful businesses in the online payment industry. Earning revenue from fees collected from payment transactions, exchanges, and withdrawals, Paypal enables consumers and business-owners to electronically transfer money to bank accounts and Paypal accounts, issuing credit and debit cards as a form of gaining interest. Structured as a single business segment, Paypal gains 90% of its revenue from its transactions, and oversees its global platform through multiple devices, including tablets, mobile phones, and computers.

Paypal serves nearly 200 markets, with 50% of the company’s revenue coming from the United States. Offering fund withdrawals for 55 currencies, the company aims to increase the number of transactions made through its platform by aiming for long-term consumers through credit card protection, freeing consumers from point-to-point restrictions, and enhancing mobility to streamline their services.

Paypal relies heavily on its partnerships with companies such as Vias, Mastercard, Wells Fargo, and Alibaba, and has acquired companies such as Xoom to expand their online services to countries across foreign borders. In 2017, the company announced a partnership with Baidu Wallet, allowing Chinese customers to pay, and purchased TIO Networks for $238 million, allowing consumers to process bill payments for North American service providers such as DirectTV and Toyota Financial Services.


San Jose , CA

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