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Marico Overview

Specializing in beauty and wellness, Marico Limited empowers people to live their best lives through nourishing skincare, edible oils, healthy foods, and moisturizing hair care products. Marico owns and continues to expand its numerous Indian brands such as Saffola, Livon, and Revine to localize the needs of their consumers and maintain sustainable growth through their efforts. Marico currently presides within 25 countries across the Asian and African markets, maintaining eight factories in India, and caters to their international audience by localizing their products to suit their needs.

Established in 1990, Marico Limited has since been recognized as India's Super 50 countries under Forbes and has set the Marico Innovation Foundation to support corporate social responsibility and address business challenges within the program. Impacting the lives of one out of every three Indians, its extensive portfolio, and a long list of brands has brought the company considerable success, receiving a turnover revenue of $1.05 billion. Its international brands contribute to about 22% of the company's revenue, making its presence in the global beauty and wellness space as a significant contender with companies such as Unilever and Colgate-Palmolive. Focused on delivering sustainable consumer goods, the company has earned a steady shareholder return of 25% CAGR since its listing in 1996.


Mumbai , MH

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Vidyanagari , Mumbai , Maharashtra , MH , 400098 , India


Consumer Goods

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