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Kleiner Perkins Overview

Kleiner Perkins Caufield and Byers Llc was founded in 1972 and is a financial services company catering to private equity asset markets. The company invests in other incubation, early-stage as well as growth-stage companies. The firm has invested in over 900 ventures to date. Some of its key venture capital investments include ‘America Online’, ‘Amazon’, ‘Tandem Computers’, ‘Compaq’, ‘Electronic Arts’, ‘JustDial’, ‘Square’, Google, ‘Netscape’, and ‘Sun Microsystems’ among others.

The company is headquartered in Silicon Valley and has offices in San Francisco and Shangai, China. By 1996, Kleiner Perkins had funded over 260 companies, a value totaling $880 million. In 2005, the retired American politician and four-star US army general, Collin Powell, joined the firm as a strategic partner. In 2007, Al Gore, a junior American politician, became a key partner of the company. Similarly, in 2010, Mary Meeker, a renowned American venture capitalist, former Wall Street analyst, founder and general partner of the venture capital firm Bond Capital, became a partner of the company.

The company had raised a total of $9 billion by investing in 19 venture capital funds by 2019. The New York Times has described the venture capital firm as the most famous in Silicon Valley. Meanwhile, the Wall Street Journal has called Kleiner Perkins as ‘one of the largest and most established’ venture capital firms.

Kleiner Perkins

Menlo Park , CA

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Menlo Park , California , CA , 94025 , United States


Venture Capital & Private Equity

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