Intel Corporation

Intel Corporation


location Santa Clara , CA

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Industry Type(s): Semiconductors/Electronics

Intel Corporation Overview

Intel, the world’s largest chipmaker, dominates the competition through manufacturing computer components, networking, and communication products by merely being the best.

Ranked number 14 on the Forbes List for the World’s Most Valuable Brands, Intel supplies microprocessors, embedded processors, and chip-sets, making their brand an intricate part of every computer hardware and software system.

Partnered with corporations such as Dell and Apple, Intel also focuses on software management, network communications, and digital imaging to further the field of effective communication and business data management.

Earning on average, a revenue of $70.8 billion and capitalizing the market at $209.5 billion, Intel develops the essential platforms for all kinds of computing applications.

Founded at its headquarters in Santa Clara, CA, in 1968, Intel serves the worldwide computer market with rapid growth, continually updating and revamping their systems to solve global challenges and create possibilities for every person on Earth.

With over 110,000 employees all over the globe, Intel aims to practice corporate responsibility, increase the diversity initiative, and create value for every business and person through their technology. With Intel comes innovation, and as a multinational corporation, Intel serves its communities through high-quality products and service.

Intel Corporation
Intel Corporation

Santa Clara , CA

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Santa Clara , California , CA , 95052 , United States



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