Wipfli Internship Program Overview

Wipfli offers students accounting internships over the spring. The internship program helps accounting students gain first-hand experience into the tax and audit industry. Interns are tasked with the responsibility of making the most of their educational knowledge to perform tax and audit related tasks, conduct tax research and compile financial statements among many other things. Aside from the tax and audit internship, Wipfli also runs a consulting internship program. In this program, interns are expected to assist with analysis and implementation of ERP and project management related to the software used in the accounting industry.
For accounting internship, candidate must: • Be pursuing a degree in accounting with plans to get CPA certification after graduation. • Have exhibited ability to show initiative and good decision making. • Good interpersonal and communication skills For consulting internship, candidate must: • Be pursuing a degree in information technology, business administration, entrepreneurship, economics or similar course of study. • Have strong academic backing • Be innovative • Be willing to work in a team and take the lead when the need arises.
Wipfli Internship Program

10000 Innovation Drive

Milwaukee, WI US

  • Phone Number: 608-661-2620
  • No. of Interns Required: 70 to 80
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