Target Internship Program Overview

Since it was founded in 1962, Target has always offered help and support to the communities where its stores are located. To date, the company has given out over $3 million a week to help communities grow. One way Target gives back to the community is by offering internship programs. The internship positions are usually in the distribution, headquarters and store executive departments of the company. Selected interns get first-hand experience on the cultural heritage of the company.
Interested candidates must possess strong analytical, communication and leadership skills. The positions are open to both undergraduates and MBA candidates.
Compensation / Benefits

Paid Internship

Target Internship Program
Target Corporation

1000 Nicollet Mall

Minneapolis, MN US

  • Phone Number: 612.696.6465
  • Duration: 6 months
  • No. of Interns Required: Above 100
  • Location(s):
    Minneapolis , MN
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