Tampa Bay Times Internship Overview

Over 135 years ago, The Tampa Bay Times was founded and had been committed to investigative reporting, government responsibility, breaking news, and covering the problems that involve to their community. The Times offers internships in all their departments and lasts between 10-weeks to six months. Interns will gain hands-on experience and work alongside staffers, who can offer guidance and respect them as equals. Interns can expect to make a weekly salary during their time at The Times.


Sophomore, juniors, seniors, and graduate students pursuing a career in media can apply. College publication experience is a plus, and applicants need to have at least one professional internship. Interns also need to provide their laptops.

Compensation / Benefits

Internships can last between 10-weeks to one full year. Interns are paid weekly for their time.

Tampa Bay Times Internship
Tampa Bay Times

490 1st Ave S

Saint Petersburg, FL US

  • Duration: 10 weeks
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