NetApp Internship Program Overview

NetApp creates hardware and software built for processing data. Their software and hardware can store, analyze, manage, and access data. However, it is their other products that make up more than half of their revenue. NetApp services customer in over 140 countries. The company focuses on moving data to the cloud atmosphere, as well as moving stored data to different types of clouds. NetApp has multiple internships in areas of marketing, hospitality, auditing, and more. The company teaches interns the ropes of the company and allows them to work on real-world projects. They will be able to network in a community with other talented interns. Students will receive great insight from the mentoring relationship. Some locations even offer an end-of-summer showcase for interns. In addition, interns will receive the same respect as full-time employees, attending the same meetings and being invited to the same social events.
Applicants must be working to obtain a degree whether Bachelor’s, Master’s MBA, or Doctoral. They must have demonstrated social activities, as well as provide a strong academic record.
Compensation / Benefits

Netapp Inc,providing stipend for interns

NetApp Internship Program

495 East Java Drive

Sunnyvale, CA US

  • Duration: 6 to 12 Weeks
  • No. of Interns Required: Above 100
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