McDonald’s internship program Overview

Every year the Finance, Marketing and HR departments of McDonald’s accept interns for 10 weeks. During this time interns are trained on how to be part of a group and also on how to work individually. The system at McDonald’s is designed such that the impact of interns is felt beyond their groups. Interns get to meet with decision-makers in the company and they get to understand how McDonald’s remains one of the biggest restaurant franchises in the world. Interns are placed in teams where they are mentored and taught the importance of not only hard work but of smart and honest work too.


Candidates must be of good academic standing. Their course of study must be related to the areas of finance, marketing, and HR so that they can have the best experience during the internship. Candidates must be undergrads or MBA.

Compensation / Benefits

Paid Internship

McDonald’s internship program

Campus Office Bldg.2915 Jorie Blvd. Dept. 146

Oak Brook, IL US

  • Duration: 6 Months
  • No. of Interns Required: 30 to 40
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