Kaiser Permanente Internship Program Overview

The Kaiser Permanente Internship Program allows interns the opportunity to experience a career in health care early on.

Interns will work on projects that impact the overall success of Kaiser Permanente and get to hear from executives about their career journey, attend networking events, and develop and enhance key skills that give them a competitive edge.

Inters will get a full integration into scientific teams, project assignments with specific expected deliverables, and an in-depth exposure to Kaiser.


Students must be enrolled in college and have educational and skills required for ideal Kaiser Permanente staff members.

Requirements change each year.

Compensation / Benefits

Kaiser Permanente is providing Paid Internships

Kaiser Permanente Internship Program
Kaiser Permanente

1 Kaiser Place

Oakland, CA US

  • Duration: 10 Weeks
  • Location(s):
    Walnut , CA
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