Bain & Company Internship Program Overview

Bain & Company stands as one of the most liked Consultancy Company in the world. This is because of the level of expertise their employees have. The company has over 51 offices around the globe and many of these offices offer internship programs for high-performing undergraduates and MBA students. The summer internship is the start of a talent hunt for the company. This is so because many of the hardworking and talented interns that come through the internship program are eventually given a full time position at the company. During the 10 weeks of internship, interns are trained in the skills required for business reasoning and client relationship. At Bain, interns experience every part of working in a multinational company.


Bain runs two types of internships. These are Associate Consultant Intern (ACI) and Summer Associate Internship (SA). Associate Consultant Interns is made for undergraduates almost in their final year and Master’s students who want to take up a management consulting course after graduation. Summer Associate is mainly for MBA students or graduate students in general.

Although cumulative GPAs are important, Bain and company prefer to select candidates that show that they are all-rounders (Individuals that know how best to use the skills that they have). Bain and company is looking for candidates with passion and the zeal to deliver results.

Bain & Company Internship Program
Bain & Company

131 Dartmouth Street

Boston, MA US

  • Duration: 6 to 12 weeks
  • No. of Interns Required: Above 100
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