21st Century Fox Summer Internship Program Overview

Embark on a thrilling and fun journey of learning with the Product Technology TD Summer Internship Program with 21st Century Fox and be a part of a carefully chosen team that is in accordance with your interests and skills. Get 10 straight weeks of mentoring by a professional team member and hone your skills to become the best you can be in your field.


Candidates must be pursuing a BS or MS program in Computer Science from a recognized university. They must be interested and have experience handling animation and visual effects. The ideal candidate is the one who can integrate various tools into new or existing pipelines. Additionally, he or she must also have hands-on experience in various visual effect tools like Maya or Houdini. Strong programming skills, especially in C or C++ would be an added advantage.

The candidates must have exceptional communication skills and must be able to effectively handle both technical as well as non-technical teams.

21st Century Fox Summer Internship Program
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