US-Immigration & Work Visa foray of changing trends in 2018

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This year ,the rhetoric remarks regarding USA immigration & Work permits that made headlines off late during the earlier parts of this year created some considerable curiosity in public off late.  The Point system being proposed by Mr. President Trump’s Administration off late have indeed created some raising concern in the H4 Visa applicants in USA particularly. The Accompanying spouse in USA during the Obama era of Work have indeed created a lot of scope for them to work and empower families. Which seems not the case in USA any more. The Immigration scenarios in USA seems changed a lot in USA and with some interesting turns being added further after Midterm elections . We by now already know that the oval office during the past few couple of months have taken a couple of dynamic decisions in terms of Immigration reforms.

  A few considerable areas of immigration transformation during the year 2018 are observed as follows. Student especially foreign visa extinctions, H1B processing, Denials Rate increases in the immigration petitions are some significant ones that are seen with concerns.  Particularly  more of stringent and rigid methods of approvals across the department of homeland security DHS & US Immigration system is more challenging to the current residing US Work Visa professionals, Mexican border news making headlines ever now and then like this a series of information about Immigration & Working scenarios in USA is making it obvious that USA might not be as in a standard flow any further particularly the Immigrant families and dependent accompanies are more conservative in their works & deeds. By improving the stringent boarder security measures in USA it is seen evidence that the USA boarders are wanting to be

Improved and strict board security measures all point in only one direction that USA is going to be choosier in welcoming Immigration into their soil going further. Being a global economic super power USA has always witnessed an unprecedented influx of Migrations, Working class professionals’ travel to this land of dreams to make their careers and family living. This indeed has created a huge skill bases and technical expertise capital to the country there by creating also a good Tax base, Human resource pool and varied skilled expertise capital to the country as a whole.

Especially in the recent times of global changes in terms of technological radicalization, this trend in USA has taken a new turn of de-globalization scenarios, making the country seen non open in nature by virtue of being burdened by the unprecedented influx. But this is also being the case as felt by the policy makes and many political parties that seem is creating a resource crunch in various areas as several experts opine . So as an initiative to make the lavish landscape of USA in all resources freely thriving, with the cluttering these mass influx trends into the country from the other allied countries is an imperative as felt by the USA policy makers now especially during this year of 2018 . This fundamental sentiment and ideology being rightly leveraged during the campaigns of national elections Mr. Trump with his signature campaign “ Make America Great again” attracted a mass appeal and with a tremendous vote bank so procured ,made him to serve USA as the Nation’s Chief.

It is also considered that USA would be following A point based system where an accompanying spouse in some terms might bring down the number of points that could be received for immigration. As such points were existing in several countries but are not considered against making points of brought in a Skilled and eligible aged spouse into the country like in the Case of Canada , where out of sixty seven points scale as a  Technically-Skilled spouse might receive additional points for immigration petition calculation . But in USA case as per the proposed it might conversely effect and actually could take away points.

Here are a few important takeaways of 2018 from the proposed USA Current Immigration Scenarios.USA immigration departments made it clear ,that if the points being procured by spouse are same or great than the applicant the points wouldn’t be adjusted among spouse & visa applicant.And conversely if the applicant’s points are less and spouse’s points are more relatively in the ration of 30 % and 70% in case of applicant and spouse the points of the spouse are adjusted for the Applicants making him/her lesser qualified in the immigration point system .So in terms of points a relatively less qualified , age wise less received points of a spouse would affect the applicants points and wouldn’t add any additional points if spouse having additional points , which is converse in other countries where a higher qualified spouse adds points further to the applicant’s point status in Visa processing terms.So this new proposed USA’s spouse point system poses a real challenge to the applicants who are willing to make their families career at USA as this is getting more difficult .


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US-Immigration & Work Visa foray of changing trends in 2018

by GradSiren December 22, 2018
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