Plan a Career with Amazon Right from High School

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Planning a career with Amazon through Amazon’s Future Engineers Program for a focused career right from the High School level is an excellent way to hone your career  at the conceptional stage of career. Knowledge-era is a place where everyone is in equal and proportionate quantum of access to knowledge. The Genre X kids are at great benefit of considerable access to knowledge and learning.

The major area of their advantage in having a choice of choosing with a meticulous amount of information in each and every area of their career that they choose. Career and learning are digitized and so are the horizons of learning and development. A student located out of some country in Asia could lavishly partake classes in Universities in Washington USA using e-learning programs. Especially with bigger firms offer these e learning that are  more established and prominent . Amazon is one good example for such innovative learning platforms. Just to refer as example, in their prominent facilities like Seattle, North Carolina at Amazon’s fulfillment center , FBA Centers,Amazon learning centers in Seattle etc students are offered a spectrum of learning opportunities internships right from very high school age.

High School scholars of this millennial era are all the more benefited by these learning advancements. Several organizations around the world are already throwing open their doors to make them access as career opportunities to high School scholars

Especially in bigger organizations like Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Facebook opportunities list goes endless. All the major technological firms are more or less available to hone these tiny tots into the coming age generation of professionals. Many organizations as such already thrown open their valuable programs to select Scholars

Amazon is always research oriented firm and is meticulous in their plans in this area is a pioneer to experiment newer ways of work ways. As always famous for its experimental models especially in the university campus new yet again with their new concept of Amazon Future Engineers program. With a noble ambition to cater to the growing future need of Software Skilled programmers and Engineers in the coming age of dynamic technologies, Amazon wants to take the leap of responsibility to build future engineers right from the Kindergarten level. A structured pedagogy and streamlined program to develop Software Skills along with their regular academics are what Amazon is planning currently.

A targeted 10 Million Student enrollments into this summer and periodical Internship program at the age group of, Kindergarten to Careers to excel in their Entry Level Jobs and Internships.

Amazon is aiming at delivering a quality Software Skilled program, financial funding to the meritorious underprivileged Kids is a great ideal that Amazon would like to embark on as a future leader in Career of youngsters. Currently being launched and rolling out its sessions both at Amazon Office facilities and out at the School & College premises. Amazon would like to extend this current USA program across all other global locations and cater to different cultural locals of the world with quality Software Education at very subsidized fee structure. In addition to these facilitation, Amazon is also in plans to offer Scholarships and Fee funding for the talented Students.

What is Future Engineer program?

A program as touted by Amazon as the Campus to Career initiative developed to hone every student right at high school level with a targeted approach .This program also has community service motive as well tagged . With a special focus on the low-income group community & children with lesser privilege, being offered this AP CS program according to Amazon has a better chance of 10 times more propensity of getting better caliber CS students. The 2018–2019 AP courses and Fall Schedules of the courses have already begun. Students could make use of this by applying at the Amazon’s official page.

Amazon’s Scholarships for University Students:

In an ensemble of School students facilitation for making their career a streamlined model Amazon made success. Amazon is also providing a quality scholarship of 10000 USD for the students from technologically underprivileged areas, who have been taking AP CS courses would be eligible for this university scholarship.

College Final year & Sophomores Internships:

Along with a qualitative software education, Amazon is also providing Internships to college first-year students, sophomores in this Amazon Future Engineers program. This is a planned 12-week internship program as AFE internship. Buy getting exposure to the most cutting-edge technologies of Amazon and being able to work with state of the art facilities Amazon would be providing the most qualitative future ready internship exposure to the University scholars at AFE Program here.

It is also observed that this wonderful program is integrating the Software Engineering talent, as several students in the USA from different locations like Pittsburgh, Bronx, and NYC, etc. Several Internship Students & Sophomores are already getting benefited by this program and making their coveted career dreams come true paving a constructive way for Entry Level Jobs & Internships.


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Plan a Career with Amazon Right from High School

by GradSiren January 8, 2019
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