News on H4 Visas Is At Focus Now In USA

US Immigration Insights Posted on: November 20, 2018 Posted by: GradSiren Team

A few of the Lawmakers in USA have introduced a legislation in USA recently requesting the reversal of Mr. Trump’s move to revoke the work permit for the H1-B Visa holder’s immediate dependents in USA. The H4 Visa is a dependent Visa and the Work Permit for H4Visa dependents was cited extensively in 2015 during Mr.Obama’s government. The petition moved by few lawmakers cites the concerns of potential effects on the USA economy as most of the dependents contributed a lot in talent at specific skill areas who might reflect their talent else where if this permissions are revoked and secondly the tax base of these workers would also be effected if evoked of work permits is what the petition cites in this appeal .

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