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Get Possible Flight delays updates with your Google Assistant

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Now google assistant comes more closer to its users. Well, here we gathered to know new feature of Google assistant. Yes, whenever you’re searching for flight updates in google, the google assistant will give estimated flight delays in a while. These alerts would be notified users before the official confirmation from airlines. Obviously, it’s better! right…

Apart from conveying postpone details, it also gives a reason in the event if it is available. Google also taking off proactive alerts of flights throughout the following couple of weeks. Furthermore, it gives airplane price details.

Getting into details…..

In this year flights are more likely to be delayed, so google assistant comes with a new flight delay updates feature. With this users, can allow to ask google asst. “hey google is my flight will come on time?” or else you can specify flight to get details “What’s the status of Alaska Airlines departure from Orlando to Miami.”

In the following couple of weeks, apparently before the Christmas break starts, Google Assistant will proactively alert passengers of estimated flight delays along with reasons (if it knows). Users do get messages from google assistants like the flight would be delayed by at least 30 minutes. With this delayed message user can spend their valuable time in a useful manner instead of waiting in an airport for the flight.

While coming to the next point, Google possibly sends a flight postpone alert message if it’s confirmed by 85 percent. That too they give delayed alerts earlier than official airlines confirmation. For this google used chronicled flight status information and ML (machine learning) to figuring out assessed flight confirmations.

Firstly, this flight delayed alerts feature comes in January, yet it had a lower limit of 80% sureness for generating an alert regarding this delay.

Furthermore, Google has included price trend data about up and coming occasions and school holidays. The user can get the details with Google’s trip planning tool named by “Getaway with Google”

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Get Possible Flight delays updates with your Google Assistant

by GradSiren December 22, 2018
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