FCC Fines on Startup Company for an Unauthorized Satellite Launch

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The satellite startup company Swarm Technologies ignored an FCC decision and launched four tiny satellites earlier this year. For this unauthorized tiny satellite launch, the FCC fined around $900K on satellite company.

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In December 2017, FCC denied Swarm to launch four of its tiny satellites in light of the fact that the vehicles are so little. Likewise, they couldn’t be identified or followed by the US Space Surveillance Network. Which implies they could hit other rockets and cause damage.

At last, Swarm propelled satellites into space in January 2018. The satellites were intended to exhibit the organization’s technology, which it said could decrease the expense of satellite interchanges for connected gadgets.

This unauthorized satellite launch settlement comes right around a year after. Meanwhile, FCC found that the Swarm transmitted illegal signals, also performed unlawful weather balloon-to-ground station tests and other equipment tests, as per FCC’s release. The FCC, in its examination concerning Swarm, said it found the organization had performed different exercises that required FCC approval. Swarm led correspondences tests with weather balloons and ground stations, alongside another unapproved trial of satellite hardware in front of the January launch.

On December 20, FCC showed with their official statement. For all the above-mentioned activities which are conducted by Swarm should get approval from FCC before launch, but the organization had not gotten such approval before it happened.

In addition to this Swarm spoke with its “SpaceBee” satellites unlawfully for over seven days utilizing earth stations in the province of Georgia.

For this unapproved launch obligation Swarm authority didn’t respond promptly in earlier. Finally, on Thursday (December 20) the Federal Communications Commission sit with Swarm Technologies & settled this unapproved launch and activity of the organization’s tiny satellites. In that statement, FCC states that Swarm will pay $9,00,000 and is required to submit a pre-launch notification to the Commission going ahead.

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FCC Fines on Startup Company for an Unauthorized Satellite Launch

by GradSiren December 21, 2018
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