Apple & USA Job Markets – A Peek into the firm’s Life & Times

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Austin, Texas USA 2018 – This global mobile technologies pioneer Apple announced a new operative plan to invest with an initial investment offing of 1$ billion USD for their new upcoming facility in northern part of Austin, TX- USA. The Company also is seen with several new plans of coming with more modern campuses across the United States of America at strategic locations like Seattle, San Diego, Colorado, New York and many such cities over a span of development.

The three decades of Apple’s success has added new inspiration to the company concerning performance and productivity at the same time keeping the company in a great responsibility to create some Jobs for the country that has given them so much. Apple is seen acting very responsible in these areas of its capacity as a pioneering mega corporate in mobile technologies.Indeed current Apple’s new campuses in USA might serve a tremendous Job Market potential in USA alone .

What it took to build a firm like Apple ?  

California, USA 1975- The pioneering Mobile Technology Giant Apple was founded in by two friends Steve Jobs and Wozniak at Mr. Steve Jobs parents’ car garage. It is from here they have started working on the legendary Apple-i model, initially to generate the capital income ($1,350) for their startup. In 1976 these two Mr.Steve clubbed with Ronald Wayne aspired to sell their Apple-i computers. But due to a lack of human supportive interface, they were observed failed. Well, the tech gadget attracted the multimillionaire Mike Markkula attention subsequently . From there they started their Apple journey with eventful & glorious turns .

CA, USA 1980 – After Five years, they come up with the first Macintosh machine, by having its own GUI (Graphical User Interface).  With this model, Apple set its place apart from other targeted firms. Yes! This is a turning point for Apple’s journey when Macintosh attracted the corporate company IBM. With this first Macintosh, they could bring the usage of the mouse for better user experience.

Further on, due to some advanced hardware development issues & some internal changeovers, Mr.Ronald Wayne had to leave the entity. Then Wozniak comes up with Macintosh II, this led to some unique innovations portable products like Macintosh Portable, Power-Book. In the meantime, Jobs was advocated into marketing then suggested that sell the Macintosh for $1000 in 1984. After that, he found some peculiarities in entity & resigned eventually in 1985. After that apple developed high-end technology related products but failed in customer approach.

September 16, 1997 – Finally Steve jobs is back into a struggling Apple’s family as interim chief executive and turns the game on its head .

Apple Innovation Center, CA-USA 2000 – 2008: After turning out as Apple’s CEO, Mr. Jobs was almost a matinee idol for many mobile technology lovers as the relentless innovation of Apple continued a saga of new innovations year on year like   iPhone, iPod, iTunes, that comes to Apple cover by these times of progression.

California, USA 2011 – Iconic Man of Apple Mr.Steve Jobs resigns as CEO owing to some health concerns & recommends Mr.Tim Cook’s name for CEO position to lead this pioneering organization that almost transformed the landscape of Mobile industrial foray for the last decade of 2000- 2010.

Apple’s role in current trends & USA job market creation :

August 24, 2011 – Mr. Timothy Donald Cook renowned by the name Tim Cook signed in as Apple’s CEO, after the incidental passing of renowned Steve jobs he positioned himself in those responsible shores as CEO of Legendary Apple. From to still, he continues as Apple’s CEO.

What are the way forward directions of Apple & allied Job market in USA ?

August 2018 – The spree of relentless development is observed with a strategic plan of action by Apple when CEO Mr. Tim Cook cleared the air to promote  USA employment by establishing newer campuses.  These initiatives by Apple are seen with an entire year of job opportunity creation by Apple in USA.A much-touted figure of around 6000+ Jobs may be accessible to Americans by the end of 2019 making about 90000+ Career creations in all 50 USA states by the coming couple year as per official  sources. These newer campus expansions are observed in sync with the USA’s incentives to make homegrown industrial economy while building a robust in-house job market in USA for the USA citizens.


November, 2018 – CEO Mr. Cook comments  that Innovation, Creativity & Talent need not have to be confined to fewer areas and only so the aggressive inclination of new campuses with more geographical spread across USA  is what Apple is focused on  – These statements by very CEO of Apple, send very positive signal of a thriving Job market creation by Apple in a coming couple of years till 2023 and beyond .

So it is observed that Apple is in a home run spree of creating Job markets & synergies the economy with their newer products with the help of their new expansion plans.

Would you think Apple’s new Campus expansions across USA help in creating volumes of Jobs in USA?

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Apple & USA Job Markets – A Peek into the firm’s Life & Times

by GradSiren December 20, 2018
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