How to apply for Charles River Associates

  • Strong understanding of computer operating systems, software, and hardware;
  • Ability to conduct detailed forensic investigations and analyses of computers, networks, mobile devices, and removable media;
  • Experience with conducting digital forensic analyses using commercial and open-source forensic tools, including file system forensics, memory analysis, and network analysis;
  • Experience with conducting static/dynamic malware analyses in a lab environment and threat hunting in a live environment;
  • Understanding of proper evidence handling procedures and chain-of-custody;
  • Experience with drafting technical and investigative reports and communicating technical findings;
  • Experience with utilizing automation tools and scripts to expedite analyses;
Application Process:

CRA creates a work environment that enables our colleagues to benefit from being together in the office to best deliver on our promise of career growth, mentorship and inclusivity. At the same time, we realize that individuals realize a range of benefits when working from home periodically. We currently ask that individuals spend 3 to 4 days a week on average working in the office, with specific days determined in coordination with your practice or team.

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Contact Address:

Human Capital Charles River Associates John Hancock Tower 200 Clarendon Street Boston, MA 02116-5092

Charles River Associates Internship Program internship
Charles River Associates Internship Program
Charles River Associates

200 Clarendon Street T-33

Boston, MA US

  • Phone Number: 1-617-425-3000
  • No. of Interns Required: 10 to 20
  • Internship Location(s):
    Dallas Center IA , United States
    Boston MA , United States