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Verbal Communication tests in interviews are one of the key areas to focus while preparing for a Job interview.  We all know that any career generally starts with an interview mostly with a formal verbal communication and the interviews are a combination of various Physical, interpersonal, communicative & written tests.

Often the organizations would administer a blend of any or all of the mentioned forms of tests in order to assess the abilities of the interviewee. Interviews are generally chronological in nature and some times each round could be elimination in nature making these tests a key role for us to land in that coveted Job .

It is very important for us to make ourselves ready for the verbal communication. The abilities to make the verbal communication tests a success is important. Generally it is so that most of the global Technological and Business firms are outsourcing these tests to third parties. This is for conducting the tests and generate a score .This would be used as a verbal communication test score by the interviewee before proceeding further to the next level of interviews. As most of the cases these verbal communications tests are automated and being conducted through an interactive verbal communication systems that would pose a series of various questions and being on which the interviewee’s performance and verbal communicative abilities are being assessed. Certain key testing factors that if being focused by the applicant could easily crack them with better performance.

Now let us look at some of the generic key areas of any Verbal Communication Test

Pronunciation of speaking language Test

We live in a world of technological automation and so is the style of communication and testing. English Testing for Verbal Communications there are an innumerable volume of testing mechanisms but out of the key factors Pronunciation, spoken words, effective verbal language, facial expressions, listening skills, eye contact, body language, verbal communication skills are of special importance. Pronunciation or speaking language test tries to analyze the verbal communicator’s ability to pronounce certain phonetic words, regional dialect, being able to speak in the locally understandable English so on. Usually for this the Verbal Communication Test would give some paragraph reading test, giving a scenario and asking the verbal test taker to respond to it, extempore context speaking on a topic etc. Verbal Test would be administered to test the pronunciation.

Fluency of Language & Sentence flow

Flow of language is not just about the verbal communication but also the ability to construct the speech , develop a verbal communication in an appealing and understanding , for this a sentence or a topic would be given by the Test center and would be asked by the test taker to speak at length . This would also make the Test taker to take sufficient time to build a paragraph and speak on these areas constructively. Fluency of language is observed where the flow of speech, the time taken to complete a speech note, ability to speak fluently without any pauses, jittering, comprehending abilities etc. This would be tested by this method

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Mastering Sentences and Framing abilities

While the above factors of verbal communication tests our communicative abilities, pronunciation, flow of speech etc. The mastery in sentences would largely test about the taker’s ability to frame a grammatically perfect sentence, communicative clarified sentence and vocabulary wise qualitatively articulated sentence is what the test largely looks for. So the Verbal Communication test taker in this section of the verbal test is expected to make sure that he/she focuses on the following sentence mastery areas of the verbal test

  1. A context to frame a sentence
  2. Re-write a scrambled sentences
  3. Identify the missing Noun, Pronoun, conjunction, preposition etc, in the sentence

As this section of the verbal communication test largely is associated with the aesthetic value of the sentence master it largely also see the art of sentence formation of the test taker. A sentences in this action are generally expected to be not too lengthy or too short to convey the message.

Grammar, Parts of Speech & Vocab

It is not just all about how good we speak, how clear we communicate, how well we articulate our sentences it is equally important to keep our communications in tandem with grammar rules and the vocabulary conventions of the language. A good flow of verbal communications would sometimes feel a jolt of miss if grammatically incorrect. Focusing on the theoretical rule book of a language is not only needed but also important to fare well in the Verbal Communication tests.

The Verbal Communication tests in organizations are important as it is obvious that language is an important bridge between our talent and the organizational communication.


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